Marion Moose Lodge 1705
Guest – Campground Rules Starting May 2021

No guest on holiday weekends including Mondays designated as a holiday!

  • Guest Pass - $ 5.00 a day – 3 day $ 10.00

  • Moose Rules still applies – 2 Visit Only – Prior to signing UP

  • Youth – allowed 1 guest with Campers/Member – No Cost on youth

  • Guest Must Be pre-approved by Governor or Administrator – WITH a 24-hour prior notice- cannot just drive in and sign in – Preapprove list will be at gate

  • NO Guest on Holiday Weekends – including Mondays

  • NO Husband/Wife – couple on one card – spouses are consider a guest and go by the same guest rule

  • Different Color Bands will be issued

  • Sponsor is responsible to pick up bands – Pay Fee - responsible for and guest action and responsible to turn arm band back in

  • Sponsor can take their guest into the lodge – for a drink or food, but sponsor must always pay and be with guest ---at this time, the lodge is not doing guest

  • Looking for computer/tablet to keep track visits

  • Common Law marriage – into days’ time – in a common law marriage and one of the members is underage and unable to join, they can be brought in by the common law spouse multi times, NO fee – treated like one youth guest as a family. If not with the spouse, then underage is treated like a guest and must go through the guest process

  • The Responsibility falls upon the MEMBER – Abuse of guest rule will result in auto suspension from campground and dealt with by House Committee.

  • Our members pay annual dues and rent lease spaces from lodge, and we do not want to let so call free loaders to get the same benefits of our property.

All other campground rules still apply!

Working together to make it all better for the Marion Moose Lodge Membership!